need a date night?

Need a date night? Enjoy a free one with us. The Sequoia Marriage Ministry is open to all seriously dating, engaged, and married couples. On date nights, you will enjoy fellowship, dinner, and a study designed for couples building. Our focus is to learn different ways to build better relationships with our significant others while maintaining a stronger foundation in Christ. The sequoia tree is known for connecting to every tree that surrounds it which builds a strong foundation. Like the sequoia tree, we believe there is strength in every couple that can connect with each other and form bonds and support.  

Don't have a baby sitter? We've got you covered!  Every date night includes free childcare from some of our City Kids Church staff. Your kids will enjoy fellowship with other kids and a kid-friendly dinner. 

Sequoia Marriage ministry gets together one to two times a month for date night where we can connect with other couples, fellowship, and make time for our significant other. To stay connected on meeting times and dates, please email Melissa Spoto @ to be added on the mailing list. 

Our next date night will be a dinner and dancing event - "Love Is In The Air" held on February 11, 2016 @ 6:00 PM at our home campus. Please see Melissa Spoto to RSVP and hold your spot for a $10.00 fee. 

When do we meet?