Here at City Wide Church our mission is clear and simple; to build Bridgeport’s largest soul saving effort. We believe that Jesus saves and redeems through His love for us. During the month of October, we celebrated 31 years of ministry, and reflected on all the reasons why we will continue to push forward the vision that  God has placed in the heart of our Senior Pastor, Luis Burgos. You can be apart of making it happen. 

Our goal is to create a place and provide an opportunity for this city to encounter that love in a radical way.  There are 54,000  people without any faith affiliation here in our city. That means 54,000 people who have not encountered the living God, 54,000 people who do not have a church to call home and 54,000 people who have not experienced a genuine community of believers.   

For this reason, 54K has become the mission and the purpose of this season here at City Wide Church. 54K is a capital campaign to raise funds for a permanent and new church facility. This is our next step towards mobilizing the vision. This new space will ensure the organizational stability of City Wide Church and will be adaptable to our constant growing church. 

We believe that the 54,000 people in our city without any faith affiliation are 54,000 reasons to keep growing, sowing and going. This building would open the door for our community and would allow us to serve them better in a Christ like way. Would you embark on this journey with us as we prepare a place for 54,000 people to call home?  



A vision and mission of this magnitude will require all of Heaven’s resources and more. You, dear brother or sister, are the more. Imagine what could happen if we as a community of believers partnered with Heaven to see His kingdom come and His will be done. What could transpire in this city when we gather collectively under the name of Jesus in words and deeds, in prayer and provision?   

If any part of you is saying ‘Yes! Count me in! I want to be the more!’ Please fill out a commitment card that can be found at the connect tent on Sunday or click here to start the process of a one time or automated donation.